Sometimes to bloom we need to experience the darkness

The trees have survived Another winter Its skeleton frame Is all that remains But tiny buds Soon consume it So full of life As it stands in the suns light, Pure white blossom Falls like snow In its place Leaves will grow, Gentle breezes rustle […]

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It’s Okay, not to be Okay

Hello, Welcome back to our cosy corner of the internet, a place where I like to spill out my thoughts and feelings to try and make sense of them. If this is your first time, welcome.  Hopefully we can all help each other in the process. Too many people […]

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Dear Anxiety

Dear Anxiety, I know we are no strangers to each other but yet we have never spoken. There are so many things I wish to say to you and questions you have never answered. But I hope you take the time to read this so […]

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