Autumn: A Season of Transition

Crisp autumn leaves That blanket the ground Orange, red and mustard yellow Lazy morning sun glistening Over the long dewy grass Summer memories Echoing in the empty streets Now all living creatures Burrow down As the nights slowly grow longer It’s that time of year […]

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Another Summer Over

As we wave good bye to August the summer holidays feel like a distant memory. The faint sound of the sea echo’s in my mind as though a seashell is placed against my ear. If I imagine hard enough it feels like I’m back on […]

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Sometimes to bloom we need to experience the darkness

The trees have survived Another winter Its skeleton frame Is all that remains But tiny buds Soon consume it So full of life As it stands in the suns light, Pure white blossom Falls like snow In its place Leaves will grow, Gentle breezes rustle […]

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