A Season of Self-Care

And so, the countdown begins
I can barely contain my excitement
As the first flurries of snow grace my doorstep
Yet the sky is cold and silent
The grass motionless and frozen,
Crunching beneath my toes
The bitter air biting at my fingers
But the spirit warms my soul
Even if the dark keeps catching my attention.

I love the Christmas season. Giving out presents, watching smiles appear on their faces (although I’m not as organised as I should be). I love how the house is full of the same Christmas songs playing on repeat. The same songs I grow up on as kid. I love the build-up and wrapping up all the gifts. But most of all, I love spending time with my family. We do the same thing every year but it never gets boring. In fact, the older I get, the more I see its value. The more precious each second gets.

But that doesn’t necessarily make it the easiest time of year.

As the days grow colder and the nights grow longer, it’s easy to find yourself spending more and more time in the safety of these four walls. Staring out the frosted windows. And sometimes it can all become slightly overwhelming. As each day gets busier and busier, as it slowly draws closer. It is easy to lose sight of what’s important, you.

As tempting as it is to stay wrapped up in your bed, shutting yourself in from the outside world, sometimes it can be more harmful than good. The fresh, crisp air can do wonders to lift your spirit. Even if it’s a brisk winter walk to blow away all the cobwebs that have collected. Plus, it’s a good excuse to put on your best winter warmers.

I know this seems obvious but it’s crucial to stay warm. Blankets, hot water bottles and a room lit with a flickering candle is the perfect recipe for a cold winters night.

Take time to acknowledge your feelings. The festive season is filled with so much joy but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Remembering times that have gone by and seeing people who bring back bad memories. But it’s okay to not feel happy all the time, you don’t have to keep it all under the surface.

Don’t be hard on yourself, especially if you are struggling. It’s okay.

Take a deep breath. Take a moment for yourself. Remind yourself that you are doing alright.

So here is a little reminder to take care of yourself during this winter season.

Until next time


I’d love to hear what you have planned over the festive period.

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