Memories I don’t want to Forget

Don’t you find it sad that we won’t remember every smile, every moment we laugh and all the warm, content feelings? That our memories become an old silent movie which plays in our minds and distorts over time? Fading away, dissolving in the pools of […]

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Liebster Award

Hello friends This week’s post is a little different from all my other posts. I have been nominated to take part in the Liebster award. Thank you so much to BlogMyLife for the nomination, I really appreciate. I was also nominated by AnnieChanie and Jess […]

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The beginning of a new chapter

If you’re reading this then you have found your way to my blog. So here goes, my first post. My name is Karlena, a twenty-something with a big heart. After lots of deliberation I have finally decided to write a blog. If anyone reading this […]

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