The Thoughts of a Late Night Thinker

Hello, I thought I would share with you some words I wrote a little while ago of the thoughts of a late night thinker. When the sun leaves for its grave, and the stars take its place, we close our eyes without closing our minds. […]

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Memories I don’t want to Forget

Don’t you find it sad that we won’t remember every smile, every moment we laugh and all the warm, content feelings? That our memories become an old silent movie which plays in our minds and distorts over time? Fading away, dissolving in the pools of […]

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Accepting Flaws

Trees jut out through the dry, cracked earth. The bare branches silhouetted against the bright blue sky. A mosaic of light and shade on these well warn paths. Light streams through my half-asleep eyes. Dazed by the morning sun, a part of me wants to […]

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