September Self Care Changes

Life is busy, which can make it near impossible to take time out for self care or actually look after ourselves. As a result over recents months, or possibly longer, I’ve let things slip. But as it’s the start of a new month tomorrow and […]

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Ten Little Reminders For The Difficult Days

This week has been difficult. The negative thoughts that tell me I’m alone and worthless and tear away at my self esteem have been on overload. I’ve lacked the strength to fight them and deep down all I wanted was someone to tell me that […]

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It’s Okay, not to be Okay

Hello, Welcome back to our cosy corner of the internet, a place where I like to spill out my thoughts and feelings to try and make sense of them. If this is your first time, welcome.  Hopefully we can all help each other in the process. Too many people […]

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