My Poems

A blaze of red tears across the blue
Water bleeds from the broken sky
Drowning me in its tears
Red turns from blue to black
The eyes in the sky
Stalk my every move
These streets that I once knew
Are now blurred and unfamiliar
In the blink of an eye
I see the world in its true colours
The reality I once knew
Is now replaced with another
The shadows cast their true form
The ground swallows me whole
A peaceful decent
To a place of oblivion


Breathing in
The fresh colours of spring
The nights are no longer
Drawing in
Instead the days grow longer
As the sun grows stronger
The nesting birds
Sing their song
A celebration
Of life and love
Enough to regenerate a soul
The hibernating world
Is awaken
As is the promise of hope
A time of new beginnings
Where nothing seems impossible


Its days like theses
When the sun is shinning
And the birds sing
High in the trees
That my mind
Feels totally free
Bursting with the colours
That spring has sung
Sometimes I wish
I could collect these rays
Store them away
My own personal supply
That I can use
When the seasons change
And the sky becomes grey


Our lives are unclear
A fog that we fear
As we place one foot
In front of the other
On a path
With no end in site
We just have to trust
In our hearts
To guide us through
To seek out the light
In this foggy night
But as night becomes morning
The fog will ignite
All will become clear
No longer drowning in fear


Every tear shed
Is a heart that’s bleeding
Every mind that is shut
Is a wall we’re building
Every cold, lonely night
Is a person that’s breaking
Every word that is written
Is a life that’s rebuilding
Every hand outstretched
Is a soul that’s heeling


Rolling hills
Speckled with sheep
The grass sways
Under my feet
Flowers bloom
All around me
The sun sinks in the horizon
Smearing the sky
With all shades of pink

My mind is like
An overgrown garden
A tangle of bramble thoughts
A maze of abandoned paths
Where the sun is forever hiding
But in the distance
I hear a single bird
Perched on a blossoming tree
A sign of hope
A place of tranquility
Where my mind is finally free


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