Small Acts Of Kindness

We all have days where nothing goes right or days when we feel low. Life is hard and it isn’t always kind to us. But one small act of kindness from a stranger, friend or a loved one can make all the difference.

As I walk around my little town, I  see busy people with places to be, mothers with their children, elderly couples holding each other’s hands and the guy walking his dog. And we are guilty of making assumptions of their lives. But in truth we can’t tell what is going in other peoples heads just by looking at them. We never know what someone else is going through, even when they say they’re fine they might not be. But one tiny act of kindness could really make someone’s day.

There’s no greater feeling then knowing you have made someone smile or even made their day a little bit brighter. And yet it doesn’t have to cost a penny. 

This year I want to make it my mission to create more smiles because the world is a nicer place with a little more kindness. So here are some small acts of kindness that we could all incorporate in to our lives:

  • Smile at a stranger- it might be just what they need
  • Hold the door open for someone- not only is it polite but it could really help someone out
  • Check in on your friends- message, phone or even write a letter, it doesn’t matter. If you haven’t heard from them in awhile it’s always nice to check their alright. Just because someone hasn’t been in touch it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t want you around, it might be that they are struggling and need a friend but are too scared to reach out. 
  • Let someone go before you in a queue- if you’ve got a lot of shopping and the person behind has only a few items, let them go before you. 
  • Give up your seat in a bus
  • Give to a charity- this could involve spare change, items you don’t use any more or even your time by volunteering at a local charity.
  • Make someone a home gift to tell them how much you appreciate them- because there’s nothing better than pouring your heart and soul in to something homemade. May be make a cake, card, a hamper of little treats or even a pasta photo frame. There’s nothing like a homemade item to show someone that you are thinking of them. 
  • Leave a positive comment on someone’s social media post- there’s no better way to show your support and is something I will definitely being doing more of
  • Offer to cook for your partner or family member- it doesn’t matter if you’re not the best cook, it’s the thought that counts

What are you favourite ways to put a smile on someone’s face? 

Until next time

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