I Forgive You

where petals once bloomed
barren branches seek refuge
wilted and decayed
I grow tired of these games

all those nights
I sought solace
in tear stained pillows
suffocated by darkness
silent screams
that feed the demons

a prison of my mind
poisoned by all those
thoughts unspoken
penetrating deep within
leaving scars burnt on my skin
a gaping wound
where life once grew
now grey and lifeless

I seem to have lost my way
the stars have drifted away
and this shadow
cast behind me
is blurred
and unfamiliar

but through shattered glass
I watch tears fall from tired eyes
and as you stare back at me
the truth washes over me
like frozen tides
on a summers morning

and in that moment
I knew
this was no life
only torture
the hardest thing
is forgiving yourself

– I forgive you

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