This is the part we save ourselves

You will out shine
The bullies who hurt you
Your heart will survive
The lovers who left you
Your soul will soar
Over those who don’t believe in you
You will stand tall
Against those who try to crush you
You are stronger, more beautiful, more devoted
Than you could ever imagine
So be kind to your soul
See your true worth
                                                              – This is the part where you save yourself

My insecure soul doesn’t always tell me what I need to hear. Sometimes it thinks it’s helping but instead it causes more pain.

I have a love-hate relationship with myself, I know I can be my own worst enemy. But it becomes tiresome to argue with all the negative and hate fuelled words that are spoken and not said. Over time the words eat you alive until you can’t help but believe the lies the bullies tell you. A stagnate pool that’s hard to escape, that tries to drag you down until it drowns you.

We all know the rhyme about sticks and stones. A life lesson we are all taught as children. To not feel their pain, a thousand needles filled with poison. But maybe, we are teaching it wrong. Instead of telling ourselves to put up a front and supress our emotions, we should be saying it’s natural to feel. And it’s not okay to let hate prevail, whether that be towards ourselves or from other people. Maybe instead we should be teaching that we all feel pain, but it won’t last forever.

There will come a time when your wilted petals will rehydrate and bloom more than you thought possible. A time when you will see your true worth. Look at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I’m more than these words’. This revelation doesn’t happen overnight, believe me I wish it did. Sometimes you have to see the darkest of nights to make it out the other side. Let the stars be your inspiration.

I know I don’t know you and you don’t know me, not in real life anyway. But in this moment, the here and now, that doesn’t matter. As my words drift in to your eyes there is this little connection. A spark of light from my heart to yours. We don’t need to know each other to hold each other’s hand.

I write this with only the light of my laptop to keep me company from the darkness in my room. But deep down I know this isn’t true. Because I know I’m talking to you. And as long as I believe this to be true, then this connection will remain alight.

Sometimes it nice to told what you need to hear.

A little reminder to know your true worth. This is the part we save ourselves.

Until next time

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