Ten Lessons Life Has Taught Me

Over the years I have made many mistakes. I’m sure we all have, after all it’s in our nature. But just because we become adults and leave education, it doesn’t mean we stop learning.

Every mistake we make, every experience we encounter there’s a lesson to be learnt. Sometimes we need to dig deep and find them.  So, I thought I would share with you ten lessons that life has taught me so far:

1. Life isn’t easy but that doesn’t make it impossible
There are times where I’ve been surrounded by darkness and struggled to see a way out, but there is. Even though it may not feel like it, you have survived everyday so far. Things will get brighter.

2.Be kind to everyone you meet
People don’t always show their true feelings. You can’t understand what a person is going through by looking at their face. So be kind, you might just make their day.

3.Forgiveness doesn’t mean you forget
Just because you forgive someone, it doesn’t mean you condone what they did or forget. Forgiveness can be extremely difficult but in the end if you can’t come to terms with it, anger and hatred will destroy you. It’s a process to help you move forward.

4.Love your flaws
Learn to accept and love your flaws. I know I’ve spoken about this in a previous post (accepting flaws), but ultimately you deserve to feel comfortable in your own skin.

5.You can’t pour from an empty cup
It’s important to look after yourself. How can you help other people, if you have nothing left to give? So, take the time to self care.

6.Don’t try to be someone else, be the best version of you
I know it’s difficult to not compare yourself to other people but you only have control over your own life. You are unique and special so instead of wishing you could be like someone else, concentrate on being the best version of you.

7.Time is a currency, so spend it well
The older we get the quicker time seems to pass and the less infinite it feels. Don’t live a life of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, make time for your loved ones and everything you want to do. Regret will become your worst enemy if you don’t chase your dreams.

8.Endings don’t have to mean ‘the end’
I’ve also written about this in a previous post (endings and new beginnings), but like I said before, endings can be the start of something beautiful. When chapters end, new ones begin.

9.To find peace, you must be at peace with yourself
Find peace with your demons, lay them to rest. Once you begin to love yourself, feel comfortable within your skin, you can finally find peace.

10.It’s okay to make mistakes
Mistakes are future lessons

I’m not saying that these are easy to follow, many of them I am still struggle with. However, the first steps to moving on is to recognise what we can learn. You are never too old to discover new things about yourself and make changes. Treat every setback and experience as a lesson so you can build a better life for yourself.

Until next time

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