Finding Purpose

Purpose is the reason we rise each morning and the fuel that feeds our dreams. It’s the acceptance that we belong and that our lives have meaning. And if we are being honest with our selves we all want to know what are place is in this world, an elusive desire we all crave.

What is my life’s purpose? A question that plagues my mind. For some people, the answer to this question maybe easier as though it’s a programmed response. But for others, like myself, it’s not so easy.

When the answer is no where to be found it’s easy to feel lost, worthless and alone. Watching other people move forward with their lives, not knowing where our own is heading. But in the quest to find our souls purpose, it’s easy to loose site of the bigger picture.

I know when I think about finding my purpose, I tend to think about what career I’m destining for. But surely our purpose is more than just how we make a living? I know I want mine to be more than that.

At the current moment we may not have the rest of our lives planned and organised (though I don’t think that is entirely achievable when we live in a world that is constantly changing). But that doesn’t mean our lives don’t have purpose.

Throughout our lives our purpose changes and it’s a beautiful metamorphosis. There’s time where we’ve needed to be a supportive friend or look after our family. There’s times we’ve had to be a role model for others. And there’s times we’ve needed to fight against our demons to try and make a brighter life for ourselves. As children our purpose is to learn, dream and believe. Something that slowly changes as we grow and pursue our dreams. In the future, this will change again  as we have a family of our own to teach and protect.

When we feel lost, we haven’t lost our purpose. We’ve just forgotten what it is. It’s been swallowed by who we think we should be. We may not realise it but each day we bring joy to our friends and family. Every painful breath we draw through our struggles, is a step forward and is a hope of light to other people struggling knowing that we aren’t alone.

See I don’t think purpose is one successful goal that we should spend our lives trying to achieve. I think it’s something that’s forever evolving, shaped by our experiences and circumstances. It’s more than just what we do, it’s about the fabrics of who we are.

Don’t ever lose site of who you are: a caring friend, a loving daughter, son, brother, sister, partner, role model, artist, musician, writer, a beacon of light. Because that is what truly matters. And no matter where you are in your life or where you think you should be, never forget this. You are strong, beautiful and full of purpose. You will find your own way in life, in your own time. Don’t let this quest to finding your purpose consume you because there’s more to you than a seven letter word.

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  1. Kate on Conservation

    July 19, 2018 at 11:35 am

    Lovely, encouraging thoughts. I think the most beautiful thing about purpose is that you don’t have to find it – you can create it. Just like you can create an identity. And we have the freedom to try out as many different identities and purposes as we like, as often as we like; until one fits.

    1. Karlena Clifford

      July 27, 2018 at 3:28 pm

      Thank you, and you are completely right, that is a lovely way of thinking about it! Xx

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