Another Summer Over

As we wave good bye to August the summer holidays feel like a distant memory. The faint sound of the sea echo’s in my mind as though a seashell is placed against my ear. If I imagine hard enough it feels like I’m back on holiday, that is until I open my eyes and I’m transported back to reality.

I’ve started to notice that with each day that passes, the night ever so slowly grows longer. Some days and nights the air starts to feel that little bit cooler as the light gently dims.

I’m going to miss the long summer walks that the sun has drawn out of me. I’m going to miss the adventures my legs have taken me on over the last few months. And the beauty of nature that my eyes have been lucky enough to gaze upon.

There have been times over the past year where even the smallest of tasks have seemed too much. Days where the energy has dispersed from my body and each limb feels like a lead weight. Pinning me down against the ground. So to look back now and see all the things I have done over summer, reminiscing over the time spent outside and walking, is truly heart warming.

I can’t help but find something uplifting about being outside, as though nature is repairing my soul. Planting seeds in places that were once left empty and cold. I’m lucky enough to live in an area that is a short walk and drive away from some beautiful places. Fields that fill the landscape. Gardens blooming with brightly coloured flowers, that revive my senses. Lakes that hum with the beat of dragonflies wings, a mirror to the world around. Forests with trees that stretch as high as your eyes can see. It’s hard to image all that they have seen in their hundred years of life. Maybe in past years I have taken this for granted, but there is beauty in where I live, I just have noticed it before. After all beauty is what you make it.

Although the sun is setting on August, it’s time to welcome September and the dawn of a new day. A new month with new adventures. And as I’m writing this, I’m starting to realise that there are still so many things to enjoy. Like the fall of autumn leaves and those frosty, crisp mornings.

I may have to wrap up a little warmer and take care of myself a little better, but I’m not going to let that stop me from feasting my eyes upon all the outdoors has to offer. Because I don’t want to be that girl trapped indoors, not anymore.

Until next time


I’d love to hear what have you been up to over summer and what you have planned for this month, let me know in the comments below.

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