Memories I don’t want to Forget

Don’t you find it sad that we won’t remember every smile, every moment we laugh and all the warm, content feelings? That our memories become an old silent movie which plays in our minds and distorts over time? Fading away, dissolving in the pools of our past.

But I don’t want to forget the week before last. A time spent with some of the most important people in my life. In a place far from home, but a place where I felt more at home within myself. Sat on the beach, looking out at the edge of the world.

I don’t want to forget the way it felt to run along the soft sands, like a bird that’s been caged for far too long. That feeling of being a child again, a time where nothing seemed impossible and the world was my oyster. A time where the future seemed so distant, instead of being a reality.

I don’t want to forget that feeling watching my dog race up and down the shore, a little bundle of furry energy, that fills me with joy. Tail wagging, tongue flapping with no cares in the world. I can tell from the look in his eyes, that I felt exactly what I was feeling. Those paw prints left in the sand will be forever imprinted in my heart.

I don’t want to forget the day I shared the beach with some seals. The kind of moments you dream about and see in documentaries but know they don’t really exist. I never would have thought I would see so many people watching in awe with only the sea to break the silence. I could have watched them all day, snoozing on the sand and clumsily bouncing on their bellies. Never again will I see these creatures without remembering this day.

I don’t want to forget the warm nights we spent watching the sunset over the sleepy sea. Watching as the story unfolded before my eyes, the last show before night takes hold. Not even the sea could stop the fire spreading across the sky, setting my heart alight. The waves brought dusk closer to shore as it turns from blue to orange, mirroring the sky. Everything seemed so pure and perfect in those moments of silent reflection.

I don’t want to forget the moments I shared with my family. The jokes that we made, the games that we played and the time we spent together. Life isn’t always easy which is why we should treasure the moments like these. Time is a currency which should be spent wisely and no price can be placed on my family.

I don’t want to forget these memories. I want to relive them over and over, as fresh as the day they were made. So I’ve wrote them down, breathed life and words in to them, so these images will never be silenced. Never to be forgotten. Never to be destroyed.

I think I finally know what it feels to be alive.

Until next time


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