We are stronger when we stand together

Under the stars
Is where you’ll find me
Breathing in air
That fills my lungs
Feeling the ground
That takes my weight
Writing my words
Where you can find them
Home is where my heart is
And this is where my home is

Hello, I hope you’re all doing well.

We are all aware of the heart breaking events that have taken place over recent months. I can’t begin to imagine what the families that have been affected are going through. My thoughts are with them all.

At times like this it can be hard to stay positive, to keep your mind and soul grounded to earth. Some days when I watch the news and scroll through social media I feel like leaving this world we have created and start a fresh somewhere new. I don’t want to live in a society where hate prevails and love is lost.

But if these tragic events have taught me anything, it’s that love is not lost. People have overcome the overwhelming fear to run to help those in need. People have opened their hearts and homes to provide a sanctuary to those who don’t have one. People have donated money, food and clothes to those who were left with nothing. People have given their hearts to those that were broken. These people are helping to restore my faith in humanity. As a society we are stronger when we stand together.

One person may not be able to change the world, but they can make a difference. You don’t have to make a grand gesture to make a difference to someone’s life, love and kindness costs nothing. Whether you help a friend in need, speak up for those who don’t have a voice or smile at a neighbour. Love is infectious. When you show kindness to someone, they are more likely to show it to another.

Every day I like to take a moment of quiet to feel the weight beneath my feet, the sun on my skin and think about everything I have in my life. I may not have lots of money or the job of my dreams. I may face my own personal struggles with myself, but I have a family that I love with my all heart, friends that I care about dearly, I have a roof over my head and food on the table. All of which I am truly grateful for.

However, some days it can be difficult to look for the sun when there is a grey cloud over your mind. It can be difficult to accept our feelings without a justified reason about why we feel the way we do, knowing that there are people worse off than ourselves. But don’t feel guilty about this, you can’t help the way you’re feeling. Sometimes before you can help other people, you need to help yourself. Show yourself some of the kindness you would show another person. Your feelings are valid, you are worthy of love and care too.

I know my words won’t change the world, but I am grateful to have this space that I am beginning to call home. I enjoy sharing this corner of the internet with you where I can write what I’m thinking and hopefully you enjoy reading it too. If you find any meaning in my words or can relate to what I’m say and feel less alone in this world, then it makes this space worthwhile.

Take care of yourself
Until next time


Let me know about what you are grateful for and things that bring you positivity in the comments. Lets spread some love!

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