The Song My Soul Sings

If you place your ear against my chest, you’ll hear the song my soul sings. If you take my pulse, you will feel the beat I live to. If you look in to my eyes you will see the music that runs through my veins.

Music has a home within all of us. It may inhabit a small corner in your heart that is personal and secure or it may be the fuel that you live on. For me music is present in almost all aspects of my life (as I am writing this I’m listening to ‘Goner’ by Twenty One Pilots). I listen to music while I get ready, it’s the coat I wear when I leave the house alone, the gentle distraction from my thoughts, the comfort blanket when I lay awake at night and the friend I dance with.

It has a way of uniting groups of people, bringing them together in ways that you probably would never imagine. If you have been to a concert or festival, you will understand the magic of the atmosphere. You stand in a room with thousands of strangers, expect they don’t feel like strangers because you share a love for this artist. Everyone in that room has something in common with you. For a split second it doesn’t matter how badly you sing or how crazily you dance as you all stand in awe for the sounds that enter your ears. I have only been to a handful of concerts/festivals but it’s something I’m definitely going to try and do more (if my bank account allows me to).

This time last week I was eagerly packing my bags for Slam Dunk (on Saturday). I have only been to the Slam Dunk festival for the past two year but it is such an amazing day, I wish I had heard about it years ago. Both times I have gone only knowing a few of the bands that were playing but I have left loving so many more. Personally I don’t think it matters how long you have been listening to a certain musician. I don’t think this should be a representation of how much you love or appreciate their music and I also don’t think it should be a competition or an excuse to isolate people. We all have different tastes and interests, that’s what makes us unique. The world would be a very boring place if we liked the same things and had the same opinions.

I listen to what I like. I don’t think I fit in to any genre of music, I listen to a whole range of songs. I like songs with meaningful lyrics that my inner most thoughts can relate to and I also like songs that I can sing my heart out to in the back of a car. My soul is always on the search for new music it can relate to and enjoy.

I know for me music can make me feel less alone and really affect my mood. At the end of this post I would like to create an A-Z list of artists from a variety of genres. I want this be a joint project that we can all add to in the hope we can all discover new musicians and share our thoughts and opinions. If you have a songs you want to add please write them in the comments and I’ll add them. Hopefully over time we will have some amazing artists that we can all enjoy and hopefully discover new music.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

Until next time



– Bastille
– Beartooth
– Don Broco
– Ed Sheeran
– Falling in Reverse
– Fall out Boy
– Issues
– Melanie Martinez
– Memphis May Fire
– Mallory Knox
– Neck Deep
– Panic! At the Disco
– Twenty one Pilots
– The 1975
– The Amity Affliction

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